I’m Dr Christopher Monk. I’m a freelancer who specialises in medieval culture and texts, working with creative professionals and teams in the heritage sector.

My work is varied: I’ve worked with a TV producer, a video games company, a children’s book publisher, and a cathedral, amongst others.

I’ve translated numerous Old English and medieval Latin texts, which you can find here; have published an e-book, journal articles, and book chapters; and am still working as an idependent scholar (I have a couple of book chapters coming out later this year).

Outside of academia, I’ve published magazine and newspaper features usually with a historical or cultural bent.

This project, Monk’s Modern Medieval Cuisine, utilises my skills as a researcher and translator and marries them to my abiding love of food.

I can lay claim to some sort of culinary training, though it goes back to my high school days when I studied O Level cookery. Since then, I’ve been an enthusiastic and experimental cook and baker.

I will be assisted on my project by a Cordon Bleu-trained chef, Sara Southey, and my Camera, Lights, Action man, Ray Gairns, both of whom I will introduce in another post.


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