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This page includes videos from my YouTube channel (please subscribe) showing me recreating recipes from Forme of Cury and other medieval cookery texts.

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February 2021

Pears in Syrup (adapted from Peerus in Confyt, Forme of Cury, c.1390)

Watch Dr Monk recreate Peerus in Confyt (Pears in Syrup), c. 1390

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January 2021

Chicken with “Quinces” (adapted from Capouns in Councy, Forme of Cury, c.1390)

Watch Dr Monk cook 14th-century Capons in “Quince” sauce

Christmas 2020

Part 1: Cuskynoles (pastries filled with spiced dried fruits and nuts)

Watch Dr Monk bake medieval Christmas pastries

Part 2: Pynite tarts (chestnut pastry cases with “gingerbread” and pine nuts)

Watch Dr Monk bake medieval Pynite (pine nut tarts)

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