Herbs in early England

Fennel, OE Herbarium
Fennel. Detail from The Old English Herbarium. London, British Library, Cotton MS Vitellius C.iii, folio 55v. © British Library Board. By Permission. Please click on the image to go to the source. You will need to use the folio drop-down, top right, to navigate to the correct folio.

Hello everyone!

This is just to let you know I’ve written a new blog post on my mother website, The Medieval Monk, about the use of herbs in early England before the Norman Conquest (1066).

I take as the basis for the piece Erbolate, a recipe using eleven herbs found in Forme of Cury, Richard II’s cookery book, and then dig into some Old English medical texts to explore how these eleven herbs were used during the pre-Conquest period.

So, please enjoy reading it (I write in persona as a slightly mad 11th-century monk). Just follow the link below:


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