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Want to be a Yever?*

You can support my research and creative work by becoming a Premium Content Subscriber – that’s a Yever* in medieval parlance!

This will give you access to bonus videos, readings and translations of recipes in Middle English (late medieval English), and printable recipes with historical notes.

To become a Yever simply click on one of the links below from the Premium Content Archive and follow the instructions to subscribe.

Please note, I have set up the subscription on a ‘pay what you want’ platform, though I ask that you pay a minimum of $1 otherwise, after deductions, I would end up paying you to see the Premium Content.

*A yever means a donor or giver in Middle English.

Premium Content Archive

Galentine (glossary entry)

John Russell’s Hippocras

Reading Chycches

Marrowbone Broth

Posh Gruel and Sherry-Braised Pigs’ Cheeks

Connate: Quince Crème

Medieval Christmas Bites Booklet

Peerus in Comfit (pears in ginger syrup)

Poudour blanche

Ryse of Flesche (rice for meat) (video)

Ryse of Flesche (recipe)

Chykens in Hocche (poached chicken in spiced broth)

Fylettes in Galyntyne & Rost Partryche with Gyngyuer

The Six Colours of Let Lardes

Sambocade (elderflower cheesecake tart)

Strawberries in Medieval Texts

Crustard of Erbes on a Fysche Day (salmon and greens tart)

Reading of Crustard of Erbes on a Fysche Day

Reading of Capouns in Councy

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