Ten things about me (one is a lie)

Seasons greetings everyone!

Here’s something light and jolly for the Christmas holidays — perhaps best reserved for when you’re completely bored out of your mind! (You can only eat so many mince pies.)

I’ve listed ten food and drink related facts about me; but one of them is a bit of a fib. See if you can guess which is the porky, and leave your answer in the comments below.

I can’t really think of a suitable prize for the cleverest deducers, but I may get them to help me decide which recipes to film in the New Year for Monk’s Modern Medieval Cuisine.


  1. I have three times made myself ill cooking for Monk’s Modern Medieval Cuisine.
  2. I drank cocktails with Sir Lancelot.
  3. I started a pastry fight in my cookery class at school.
  4. I have held in my hand the oldest copy of King Richard II’s cookery book.
  5. I once dressed as Queen Wealhtheow, serving mead, whilst teaching Beowulf at the University of Manchester.
  6. I have been in a pop video drinking bubbly.
  7. I sat down to drinks and nibbles with the White Witch of Narnia.
  8. I have dined at a MasterChef winner’s restaurant.
  9. I have eaten medieval cheesecake.
  10. I have eaten 14th-century French tarts whilst dressed in an authentic 11th-century English monk’s habit.


Did I drink cocktails with Sir Lancelot? Image: “How Sir Launcelot fought with a fiendly dragon.” From The Romance of King Arthur (1917). Abridged from Malory’s Morte d’Arthur by Alfred W. Pollard. Illustrated by Arthur Rackham.  Public Domain.

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Dr Christopher Monk is creating Modern Medieval Cuisine

3 thoughts on “Ten things about me (one is a lie)

  1. Hmmm. This is hard! So things I’m pretty sure ARE true: 4 (the cookbook), 6 (the pop video), and 9 (the cheesecake, which I know is true.) Things that seem likely, or that I strongly suspect are true: 2 (cocktails with Sir Lancelot), 3 (the pastry fight–sounds fun and I can imagine a younger version of you doing this!), 5 (dressing as Queen Wealtheow), 7 (drinks with the White Witch), and 10 (Brother Monk eating tarts). That leaves 1 (making yourself ill three times with your Medieval Cuisine) and 8 (dining at the MasterChef’s restaurant). Hmmm…….. Well, I’m going with #1. I can understand making yourself ill eating some of the weirder stuff once, but THREE times? Nah. You’re too smart for that. So it’s Number One.

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