The Rochester Priory Flan: Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

In a couple of weeks or so many folk will be moving from the rigours of Lent into celebrating Easter. As someone who does not purposely abstain during Lent (though I have, as it happens, been teetotal for five weeks (except one curry night), I can’t say that I fully appreciate the change from restraint to (perhaps) feasting. And I also can’t say that I have any real idea of what it must be like to experience not mere abstinence but the deprivations, horrors and grief that have come for the people of Ukraine during the last few weeks.

We often feel unable to do a great deal in the face of such suffering, and certainly what I’m doing here is rather insignificant. But anyhow…

I’ve decided that my latest recipe, The Rochester Priory Flan, will be made available as a free download at my Buy Me a Coffee Page. Instead of asking for a small payment, I’m asking all those who download it to consider donating to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

The video of me making the Rochester Priory Flan is now available on my YouTube channel:

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