Easy Medieval Food: Payne Foundewe

The third dish in my Easy Medieval Food series is Payne Foundewe, meaning something like ‘melted bread’. It is very easy to make. In essence it’s a sweet bread pudding, full of juicy raisins of Corinth (currants), and spiced with cassia (a kind of cinnamon), nutmeg and stem ginger, which is what medieval folk calledContinue reading “Easy Medieval Food: Payne Foundewe”

Medieval to Modern: Smoked chickpeas experiment

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in developing and creating a modern version of a medieval dish? After all, medieval recipes are very often light on detail, not just in their refusal to give out quantities or proportions of ingredients but also in their timings, and even in their actual methodsContinue reading “Medieval to Modern: Smoked chickpeas experiment”