Live Streaming Q&A

Hello folks!

I will be live streaming on Sunday 27 November, from 4.45 p.m., UK time.

I’ll say hello and introduce my new series Easy Medieval Food, then we’ll watch the first video, Cryspels (image above). The videos are purposely short (5 to 6 minutes long) in this series, so that people won’t feel obliged to spend too much of their free time watching me!

Straight after the video, we’ll have a Q&A session where you can ask me about the series or anything else to do with medieval food and cookery.

If you head on over to my YouTube channel, Live tab, you can click on the Notify Me button so that you have a reminder for when the livestreaming will start.

Go to YouTube Live

Please note, YouTube will prompt you to create a YouTube channel profile in order to participate in the live chat and Q&A. This is annoying, but fairly straight forward.

Also, please be patient if the live chat feature doesn’t immediately open. Technology!

See you there!

Published by Christopher Monk

Dr Christopher Monk is creating Modern Medieval Cuisine

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