Premium Content: Blanche Poudour

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In this bonus video, Dr Monk shows you how to make blanche poudour (white powder) from sugar and ginger. The recipe is based on an early 15th-century manuscript. Please note: a tea-strainer, not a tea-spoon, is meant at the end of the video!

Published by Christopher Monk

Dr Christopher Monk is creating Modern Medieval Cuisine

2 thoughts on “Premium Content: Blanche Poudour

  1. As a US resident, I was temporarily confused about sieving the ginger/sugar mixture through a “teaspoon” (“tea spoon?” – they don’t have holes, says US! Might you be referring to a special spoon-shaped kitchen tool that has holes in it? It’s shaped like a small spoon and can hold tea leaves between the two halves of the “spoon”?


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