Smoked chickpeas in a cheese, cumin & saffron broth

I thought it was time to get back into the saddle after my dad’s death a few weeks ago. I had meant this week to film me making this delicious chickpea recipe, but it hasn’t quite happened.

There is a version of a film showing me experimenting with the dish, which was shot a few months back, but at the moment it still needs properly editing; and, anyway, it may eventually become superseded by a video showing the “perfected” recipe.

Anyhow, I still wanted to get something out there for my followers, especially you generous, patient subscribers. And, on checking my files, I discovered that I had already put together a draft of a printable recipe for Chycches, to use the medieval name of the dish.

I’ve edited this this morning, and it’s now ready for you lovelies to download. It’s available for free at Buy Me a Coffee. It is one of the most delicious medieval dishes I’ve eaten. He modestly asserts.

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Dr Christopher Monk is creating Modern Medieval Cuisine

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