Easy Medieval Food: Payne Foundewe

The third dish in my Easy Medieval Food series is Payne Foundewe, meaning something like ‘melted bread’. It is very easy to make.

In essence it’s a sweet bread pudding, full of juicy raisins of Corinth (currants), and spiced with cassia (a kind of cinnamon), nutmeg and stem ginger, which is what medieval folk called green ginger. These are the flavours of Christmas, so no wonder it’s like eating Christmas pudding.

However, the real magic happens with what is sprinkled on top: coriander seeds ground with sugar. This is my way of getting the authentic flavour of the original recipe’s coriander comfits but without all the fuss and bother of candying the seeds. After all, this is easy medieval food!

Get the recipe

To get the PDF of the recipe for Payne Foundewe, which also includes recipes for the first two episodes, Cryspels and Douce Jame, you can either download it from Premium Content (you have to be a monthly subscriber to do this) or you can head on over to my Buy Me A Coffee page, where the PDF is available for a nominal charge of £2.

P.S. Do eat this with lashings of cream!

Published by Christopher Monk

Dr Christopher Monk is creating Modern Medieval Cuisine

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