Answers to: Ten things about me (one is a lie)

I hope you all have had a lovely time over the Christmas holidays. If not, or if Christmas is a tough time for you, all I can say is well done for getting through it. Of course, the one big thing on everyone’s mind over this holiday has been the answer to my last post,Continue reading “Answers to: Ten things about me (one is a lie)”

Ten things about me (one is a lie)

Seasons greetings everyone! Here’s something light and jolly for the Christmas holidays — perhaps best reserved for when you’re completely bored out of your mind! (You can only eat so many mince pies.) I’ve listed ten food and drink related facts about me; but one of them is a bit of a fib. See ifContinue reading “Ten things about me (one is a lie)”

Language of cookery 1: shifting meanings

As I work my way through translating the recipes of Forme of Cury, Richard II’s official cookery book, I sometimes come across words that have shifted in meaning from how they were originally used. In this first of a series of ‘Language of cookery’ notes, I take a look at one of these words: smiten.Continue reading “Language of cookery 1: shifting meanings”

Health update: getting better!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share an update on my health. It’s good news: I’m starting to feel significantly better, and I am working right now on a new recipe experiment which, all being well, will be posted about in the next few days. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune blood disorder known as perniciousContinue reading “Health update: getting better!”

What is powder fort?

Hello medievalists and food lovers! Back in March, I took the recipe sauge yfarced — literally, ‘stuffed sage’— from Forme of Cury (King Richard II’s 14th-century cookery book) and brought it to the development stage. The result was pretty scrumptious. In essence this is my version of a medieval snack: spicy pork balls coated in fresh sageContinue reading “What is powder fort?”